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.s. accomplish in iraq? saddam hussein was removed from power. free elections were held and hundreds, maybe thousands of al qaeda-inspired militants were killed. but the war also created thousands more. iraq didn't become a stable u.s.-friendly democracy, but a shiite-led state with close ties to iran, still at war with itself. a big legacy of the iraq war is that extreme reluctance by the white house to become more involved in other foreign conflicts, especially the one in syria right now. here in jerusalem, the president is expected to arrive tomorrow. syria is just next door. it will be on the agenda as that conflict gets even more violent. today there are reports in syria of a chemical weapons attack. they are still not confirmed. both sides, the rebels and the government are trading accusations. u.s. officials are trying to determine if chemical weapons were even used. if they were, it could be a tipping point and trigger deeper u.s. involvement. brian? >> richard engel in israel prior to the president's arrival there. richard, thanks. >>> now we turn to the vatican. a remarkable scene
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1